Social Equity

Greenfoot Cannabis is one of the few Native American-owned cannabis enterprises in Washington State.

As leaders of change in the cannabis industry with our fellow Tribes here and around the country; we believe that supporting, educating and enabling our communities to participate in developing healthy enterprises within our communities is paramount to our success as a people. A key goal of our people is to work as advocates for better legislation to improve the lives of Native American people, including social equity in cannabis businesses.

Specific issues related to equity in the cannabis sector include the following. Please reach out to your state representative to let your voice be heard if you are inclined to support change and social equity in the cannabis industry:

Legalize Home Grows to Allow Individuals to Opt Out of the 502 Market

  • This legislation has been presented in the legislature, but not finalized by vote. Contact your representative to show your support:

Seattle Met: Another Hit to the Washington Home Growing Movement


Expunge Cannabis Offenses

  • This has long been a tenant of social equity, and it passed last year. It is now up to individuals to go through the expungement process: 

Crosscut: It Just Got Easier to Wipe Weed Convictions Off Your Record


Please Join us by Contacting our Policy Makers: