Greenfoot Cannabis

Providing access to high quality cannabis products for both medical and recreational customers in the greater Olympia area.

Our Mission

The Nisqually Tribe has a vested interest in promoting better ways for its community to live healthier lives. By establishing Greenfoot Cannabis, the Tribe will: improve access to alternative, non-addictive medicines; create jobs in our community; generate revenue for Tribal endeavors; and provide education and community engagement regarding cannabis.

Our Story

Greenfoot Cannabis is owned and operated by the Nisqually Tribe. It is the first cannabis operation developed by the Tribe based on its approved Marijuana Compact with the State of Washington signed in May 2020. It is our goal to open several cannabis dispensaries on Nisqually owned land in the future in order to provide access to the highest quality service and selection for both medical and recreational cannabis customers.

Our Values

Greenfoot Cannabis’ central location allows for easy access to recreational and medical cannabis products to Tribe members and our neighbors in Thurston County. We believe in supporting our local community by creating jobs and developing careers, making natural alternatives to traditional medicine available, and providing educational opportunities related to cannabis.

Our Brand

The Greenfoot Cannabis logo incorporates Coast Salish art forms representative of the Indigenous People of the Pacific Northwest including the Nisqually Tribe. Known as “the people of the river, the people of the grass”, the Nisqually seek to provide a space for access to alternative recreational and medicinal cannabis products that come from the land – not a lab. Greenfoot ties together images of the people, grass and earth together into a single icon that represents the Nisqually Tribe’s affiliation with the land it inhabits.

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